Our Know-how

Molding / Overmolding

Amphenol Air LB’s historical know-how lies in its proven and extensive knowledge of molding and overmolding processes applied to interconnect products, where compactness, density and miniaturisation are prime requirements. Overmolded connectors features second to none dielectric and sealing performances, especially suited for high demanding applications in harsh environments. Full composite and silicone products provide lightweight as well as mechanical performances often far beyond than their metallic equivalent. Amphenol Air LB extended its expertise in the fields of molding and overmolding to the brackets and attachments systems, where weight saving, mechanical performances and reliability over time are required.

Reengineering: redesigning and reproducing an obsolete component or improving existing products.

Set in 1958, Amphenol Air LB is firstly an engineering company, passionately interested in innovation and technology, known for its ability to design and develop high performance products addressing demanding applications. Reengineering naturally became an important aspect of Amphenol Air LB’s strategy, as it appeared as an obvious technical and cost effective alternative for customers facing obsolescence issues. Especially suited when an obsolete component is part of a complex system, Reengineering may be a solution to avoid a time consuming and expansive redesign and qualification of the whole system.

Connectorization: integrating connectors onto a structural element.

Amphenol Air LB is more than a component supplier. Our commitment to technical excellence in the fields of interconnects and value added systems makes us an industry leader in custom design solutions of “connected elements”. Connectorization refers to the principle of "integrating connectors onto structural elements", aiming to reduce part numbers and integration time while optimizing space and simplifying the supply chain (one part, one supplier to track).

For instance, connectorization is especially suited:

  • to replace a back panel of your electronic packaging where connectors are mounted in, with a connectorized plate fitting the dimensions of your box, whatever its form factor. These kinds of plates are designed to be easily mounted on your equipment, whatever your specifications

  • to supersede a structural part on which connectors are mounted in. Such plates are mechanically designed to become the key of the equipment structure itself

Electronic Packaging: integrating a component within a connector shell

Amphenol Air LB can provide connectors and attachment systems integrating passive electronic components and/or single or multi-layer PCBs within connector shells. Like connectorization, electronic packaging aims at providing a fully integrated solution offering a supply chain simplification, custom design and performances, as well as easier and faster integration to customers.


Amphenol Air LB products are made up of a wide range of silicone elastomer and composite materials. As a molding and overmolding specialist for decades, our company has developed an extensive knowledge of the reference standard materials used in the different markets where we are active. Furthermore, Amphenol Air LB has also confirmed its expertise in developing innovative materials specifically designed to address the most specific requirements of our customers. For instance, Amphenol Air LB developed the ARC material (Amphenol Rail Compound) for the railway market aiming to comply and exceed all national and international standards in terms of Fire, Smoke and Toxicity, while offering an extended scope of use in extreme cold environment (-60°C permanently). Applied to the whole range of our products dedicated to the railway market, the ARC material aims at providing all major rail operators and construction companies in the RMT market with multistandard products suited for multistandard trains and railway equipments.