FAQ - SIM EN4165 Monomodule Connectors

  • What color corresponds to which polarization?

    Our SIM Monomodule connectors feature a mechanical polarizing system, with slots (receptacle side) and orientation keys (plug side).

    Each mating polarization has its own color coding (colored locking tabs for plugs and colored coding plates for receptacles) :

    - Black: "N" polarization (standard)

    - Red: "A" polarization

    - Blue: "B polarization

    - Green: "C" polarization

    - Yellow: "D" polarization

    - Pink : "E" polarization

    - Light green: "F" polarization

    - Grey: "G" polarization

    Also available without polarizing 

    For more information: See our catalogue

  • Are the backshells using fixing clips removable?

    No, in case of disassembly: risk of breakage of the fixing clips.

  • Does a scratch or a lack of protection affect the product performances?

    Refer to our visual aid regarding plating.

  • Is it possible to extract a module that has been inserted in the connector cavity?

    Yes, module are removable.

    Click here to find insertion/extraction tools part numbers,

    Or see our catalogue