FAQ - CC5516Light Cable Clamps

  • What are the advantages of this part? 

    Simplified assembly using the pre-locking device on the harness and closing/fixing with a single screw.
    Possible adjustment of the harness (sliding) before fixing with the screw.
    Opening of the pre-locked collar by simple pressure.
    Moulded elastomer eliminates any risk of silicone detachment.
    No additional cable tie to be used.
    Bi-injection type series tooling for high capacity and production stability.
    Sturdy screw/nut/washer fixing, Ø5.2mm hole.
    Patented solution.
    Available in 10 different sizes.

  • What is the difference between CC5516 and CC556 light?

    CC5516 Light meets weight saving requirements.

  • What are the precautions for use?

    It is important to use the recommended fixing screws and apply the correct tightening torque.

  • How many sizes are there for this type of parts?

    There are x sizes (diameters from x to x mm).

  • What is the tightening torque to be observed when closing the clamp?

    Tightening torque: X m.daN.