FAQ - 1977 Connectors

  • Is the marking of a part ordered as a kit (part + accessories) identical to that of the part ordered alone?

    Yes, the AALB marking rule requires parts (sold in kit or not) to be marked with the part number alone.

  • The 1977 connector looks like the 1900's family, what are the differences?

    Fire/smoke regulations are different between railway and aeronautical markets, as well as the specifications and product performances. As a consequence, materials are different between 1977 (railway versions) and 1900 connectors (aeronatical versions).

    The blue color of the silicone gasket on 1977 versions makes it possible to distinguish between them

  • What is the tightening torque to be applied when assembling 2 connectors?

    Tightening torque for screw coupling: 0.6 to 1 Nm.