GDPR and Cookies


Cookies are the tracers that can be placed and / or read on your terminal, for example when consulting a website. Some are strictly necessary for the provision of the service offered, others allow you to optimize your navigation, the offers which are submitted to you or even to carry out statistical studies.


Amphenol Air LB collects personal data from the customer when an account is created, when a quote is requested or when an order is placed. Compulsory information are identified as such. Collecting and using these personal data is necessary to operate the service, to process the quotes requested and the orders placed, to improve the service and the security of the information and to maintain a secure environment. More precisely, the treatments are:

  • Online access to the quote and order processing system by the Customer,
  • Management of the platform and optimization of service,
  • Organization of service usage management,
  • Validation, identification and authentication of the data sent by the Customer,
  • Implementation of online assistance to the Customer,
  • Detection and prevention of frauds, and management of safety breach,
  • Management of potential Customer litigation,
  • Management of Customer information; mailing of Commercial information and advertising according to Customer preferences.


Personal data allow to identify, either directly or indirectly, a person (including first name, last name, telephone number, email,… of the individuals representing the Customer).

For this reason, they are especially protected, according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and Amphenol Air LB, being responsible of the processing of these data, informs that this use is necessary to execute the contractual obligations with the Customer, to the safeguard of its own interests, and to fulfill its legal and regulatory obligations.

The personal data will be kept by Amphenol Air LB for the full period of the contractual relations with the Customer, as long as necessary to fulfill the above-mentioned obligations. Personal data will not be sold, traded or given to external parties.

According to the Regulation, the individual have a right to access to the personal data, a right to change or to update them, a right to suppress them.

The individual can exercise the above mentioned right by contacting the Data Protection Officer by mail (see legal mentions).

Amphenol Air LB implements all the technical or Organizational tools to protect the personal data from alteration, destruction or non-authorized access.